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DYW Day 2024 at Harmeny

On Thursday 23rd May, students participated in Harmeny’s third DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) Day. The day was designed to give them a taste of different careers and industries, and to help them each develop their skills and knowledge.

The day consisted of a range of different workshops and showed the students that learning can be fun and engaging, encouraging them to think about their futures.

Plastering the Path to Success!

Thomas Johnstone gave students a chance to try their hand at plastering and tiling. They showed how this can be satisfying and rewarding work, that involves skill and good career opportunities.

Inside Out Learning

Who knew learning about digestion and internal organs could be so interesting? Edinburgh College’s Sport and Fitness teachers took students on a journey through the human body, fostering a better understanding of how our bodies function. They showed the importance of fitness and how this can be a career. 

Illuminating Future Electricians

TClarke offered students a glimpse into the exciting world of electricians. They learned about the various stages of an electrician’s career path, the different specialisations within the field, and the qualifications needed for success.

Safety is paramount in any profession, and electricians are no exception. TClarke ensured students understood the potential risks associated with electrical work and how safety measures help to reduce risks.

Army of Skills

The British Army isn’t just about physical strength. Students got a taste of the technological side of the military with coding workshops. This activity highlighted the growing importance of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in various professions.

The Army showcased the diverse career paths it offers, from music to mechanics. This broadened students’ horizons and challenged their perception of military careers. 

Bike Bonanza

Gearing Up for Business! Today our Outdoor Learning Team set up a local bike shop, where our pupils transformed into shop assistants, learning the ropes of customer service. From handling money to fixing flat tires, they gained valuable experience in running a business and the importance of clear communication with customers.

Construction Masters

Our woodworking volunteer, Ron, offered students a hands-on lesson in creating a perfect 90-degree joint. This exercise provided valuable insight into construction techniques and the importance of precision in building strong and stable structures.

Did you know there are 130,000 screws in our new Learning Hub? Students got a firsthand look at the sheer scale of construction projects and the meticulous planning involved.

DYW Day 2024 was a resounding success, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for future careers. Thank you to everyone involved for inspiring our young people!