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Parents and Carers

Our Parents and Carers Group provides a space for adults with children at Harmeny to connect with and support one another.

We work with families

We really value the families of children and young people placed at Harmeny. We do as much as we can to enable them to have a say in their child’s care and education, as well as the development of services we provide.


Information about school term dates can be found here.

Led and directed by parents

Our Parent and Carer Group is led and directed by the parents and carers of children in our care, whilst being supported by Harmeny staff and a parent advocate. We recognise that there are a number of barriers that Harmeny’s parents and carers face. Families are often spread out across Scotland, and many have shared that the physical distance between themselves and Harmeny is very difficult. The group aims to reconnect parents and carers to the Harmeny community and provides a space for their views to be shared.

Parent and carer contribution

We know that parents and carers have special insight and an important role to play in their children’s lives. Through the group, adults are given the chance to contribute to Harmeny events or become involved in fundraising or activities. There is also an opportunity to hear more about the curriculum that their children are a part of, including seeing examples of the work their child has made.

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