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Will you be joining Harmeny School? Learn more about the school here.

Harmeny School is right next door to our cottages. At school, you will meet your class teacher and all the adults that work there.

They will help you to learn about lots of different topics. There are lots of volunteers that come to Harmeny and will show you different science experiments and how to play different musical instruments.

Get involved! There are lots of events that happen at school.

Every year there is a Christmas Show which means you could help write the script, be an actor, singer or help out backstage! We invite families and friends to come and watch the show, and it is a really special day.

Have your say by joining the Harmeny School Council.

By listening and sharing the thoughts of your classmates, you can make good changes around school. The School Council meet up regularly and is a great way to have responsibility around Harmeny.

Every Friday we all get together for a big Friday Meeting.

You will learn about what other classes have been up to and hear about all the amazing above and beyond things that your friends have done that week.

Are you going into Secondary School? The Learning Hub is for you!

The Learning Hub is a new building with a bike workshop, art studio, new classrooms and lots more.

Can you find the Learning Hub on our map?

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