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Chief Executive update

After nearly 14 years as Chief Executive, Neil Squires marked his last day at Harmeny on 30th April, handing over the role to Gavin Calder:

“Nothing will surpass the incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience I’ve had working at Harmeny. I’d like to say a huge thank you to the most amazing, talented and committed community of people who’ve made my time so special – the trustees, management team, staff, volunteers, fundraising development group, donors, supporters and local community – you are all sensational!

There is so much I will miss about Harmeny – the beautiful 35-acre estate, the scones, the humour, the wonderful therapeutic practice, finding solutions to the many challenges, and of course, the children and young people – especially seeing the transformational progress they make thanks to a wonderful team of talented, committed and nurturing adults.

I’ve immensely enjoyed the handover with new Chief Exec, Gavin Calder, over the last month, and am certain Harmeny is going to continue to do great things because of the collective group of inspiring people who make it all that it is.

I’m going to take a few months off to discern what’s next and am looking forward to some long lies, walks with my dog and reading all the books I’ve not had time to lift off the shelf these last few years. I will never forget the phenomenal individuals within the residential child care and education sector, who work day in day out to improve the lives of some of Scotland’s most complex, yet remarkable children and young people. They are unsung heroes and the exceptional work they do needs shouted from the rooftops. Maybe that will be my new role… watch this space!”

A fond farewell

Neil’s dedication to Harmeny was recognised at a series of events including a community lunch and a special Friday meeting with all the children. His many years of service were also commemorated in a beautiful piece specially created by local artist, Scott Irvine of Harmonies in Wood, and presented to Neil by Jennifer Scott, Chair of Harmeny’s Board of Trustees.