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Harmeny’s Young People Experience the World of Work

In April, the children and young people in Harmeny participated in the “Developing the Young Workforce Challenge Day 2023”. The action-packed day involved them taking part in range of workshops hosted by local partners, who provided opportunities for them to try something new and raise their awareness about different jobs and careers.  

All of the activities throughout the day’s events built on Harmeny’s Curriculum for Excellence that enables young people to be successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals. By giving young people the opportunity to try their hand at lots of different skills, it helps to develop their interests and see where their natural skill set and interests lie.

Working in Construction 

The children and young people worked with staff from Edinburgh College Construction Department, who set out a number of different activities. By following the instructions, and applying their skills and knowledge about patterns and sequencing, the children constructed a wind and watertight roof.

Working together, the children constructed a giant floor puzzleThis involved problem solving and teamwork, which are key skills needed in the world of work. 

Mono-blocking required learning skills around accurate levelling, measurement and following a patternAgain, by working together, the children were able to put together the blocks in the correct place to create a ground area.  

Working in Hair and Beauty

Our confident children learned from the Edinburgh College Hair and Beauty staff about nail care and had fun created their own nail art. Some had their nails painted, and some designed fake nails with a variety of wonderful colours. They also learned about hair care and learned techniques such as how to brush the hair of someone other than themselves, braiding and how to put in clips and bands. Both the mannequins and the children themselves ended the session with some highly creative styles! 

Working in Technology 

Drones were successfully flown all around our Community Room, by children that were working with Dave from Skills Development Scotland.  The drones were programmed from tablets and the children showed great responsibility and skill, avoiding bumps with other drones, walls, the floor and ceiling!  Some children showed particular skills with their drones doing tricks and taking fun photos. This workshop allowed the children to think about jobs and careers in the field of technology.  

Working in Sport 

Jack Beesley, a Sports Development Officer provided coaching for children in football as they learned about working as sports men and women. They took part in drills and playing the game. Jack was so impressed by the children’s engagement and skills and hopes to see some children join clubs within and out of Harmeny! 

After the event, children completed questionnaires about the day. Overwhelmingly their responses were that the activities were “great.  They identified what they were good at and some of their statements included “Everything I loved”, “I liked helping the builders” and “in football I nearly scored a goal and I was really good at passing”.  Some responses also indicated what they did not like. This process of reflection is important as children and young people start to identify their own preferences, interests and talents.  

Careers activities 

Joanne Holmes from Skills Development Scotland, Jenny Edwards from the Hub for Success and Claire Bee and Nicola from Developing the Young Workforce also came along to support the event. Joanne and Jenny led the class groups with some fun games such as “guess the career”. Children (and adults) had stickies on their foreheads with the name of a job written on it; they had to ask questions to their classmates to work out the job on their sticky.   

 A huge and sincere thanks to all the providers who came into Harmeny to provide the activities. A huge and sincere thanks to Harmeny staff who encouraged and joined in the activities too. Finally, a massive well done to the children and young people who participated with enthusiasm!  

Sincere thanks to: 

Ryan and the Edinburgh College Construction Team  

Dave from Skills Development Scotland  

Claire and Jenny from Edinburgh College Hair and Beauty Team  

Jack Beelsey, Sports Development Officer  

Joanne from Skills Development Scotland and Jenny Edwards from the Hub for Success  

Claire and Nicola from the Developing the Young Workforce Team