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Assessment and Planning

Our thorough and dedicated assessment and planning workers ensure that each young person receives the best care, with their views being heard and considered throughout.

Resilience Assessment

Over the time they are with us, we help children and young people develop a resilience toolkit, which will be a vital resource for the rest of their lives. We do this through an evidence-informed model which has been used and adapted by Harmeny over many years. This approach is tailored to each child, meaning their resilience skills are gradually and carefully built up at a pace they can manage.

The Tools We Use

Over the first fifteen weeks of being placed at Harmeny, we carry out an in-depth Resilience Assessment, which is mapped to Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and Curriculum for Excellence. The child, parents, carers and key professionals are all involved in the initial and ongoing planning process, and a plan compiled, with goals for the child to work towards, and which is reviewed regularly. This process allows deep insight and understanding into the impact of the child’s past, alongside their interests, wishes, talents, skills and strengths, which will be key to helping them make progress.


All children placed at Harmeny have regular reviews, in order to reflect on the progress they have made and continuously plan for their future. Progress reports are prepared for review meetings, and the child is offered the opportunity to prepare their own report, which takes many creative forms. Children and young people can attend all, or part of, the review meeting and regular opportunity is provided for their views and wishes to be expressed, including through help from the Who Cares? Scotland Worker, who visits the school throughout the year.

Harmeny Outcomes Framework

Harmeny has developed an Outcomes Framework in order to evaluate children and young people’s progress. Mapped to GIRFEC and Curriculum for Excellence, the framework allows key staff to regularly measure individual children’s progress, in partnership with the child, family and key professionals.

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